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Registration fee payments

If you want to make an application fee payment (85 PLN / 150 PLN). The registration fee in amount of 150 PLN / 35 EUR concerns applicants for Master degree in Graphic Arts only (due to evaluation of artistic skills). 

Please follow the instructions below.

Applicants in Poland can pay directly for application fee from within the payments portal in the recruitment system or at the post office using payment slip printed from the recruitment system. 

Payment for applicants outside of Poland:

1 – Go to “Payment” section
2 – Click on “I pay” Tab – It goes to “Przelewy 24” service
3- Change language to English by clicking on the flag
4 – Click on “Transfers”
5 – Scroll down to the last icon with a red slip image “Manual transfer” and then through names of banks and click on “Payments from abroad” (in Polish: Wpłaty z zagranicy)
6 – Click on printer image
7- Save the downloaded slip (It comes in 2 pairs)
8- The red slip, has bank account/Iban No, swift code, and tracking code starting P24….
9- Use the most recently downloaded slip because the tracking number on each slip changes with every download. Include the tracking code starting P24…. as the title of payment in the online banking system or in the physical payment form/Doc used from your own bank.

10- Name and address of the University 
-Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
Pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5
20-031 Lublin-

11. Name of the Bank- Bank ING

NB: In the payment title section do not include your names only the automatically generated code starting with “P24… “ should be written. It’s forbidden to modify this code which is a tracking number for your payment and guarantees the correct booking of the payment to your names in our recruitment system.
Important to note, the University does not cover the bank transfer costs. This is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Bear this in mind when making the full payment of application fees.

You must not make any other payments via Online Recruitment System such as dormitory rent and fees for issuing your diplomas. Such payments are made to bank accounts assigned by the Faculty Dean’s Office to individual students.