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Application documents-Bachelor

Absolwent studiów

In order to be admitted to UMCS, an applicant shall meet the entry requirements of the chosen programme. Throughout the application process the applicant might be asked to send additional documents, than those listed below, to support his/her application. NB: In addition, please visit the application process-tab-for guidance on how to successfully finalize your admission.

  1. Scan of academic document (Higher Secondary/high school/Polish ”Matura”) with apostille or legalized original or duplicate of certificate together with the transcript of records as well as a recognition certificate. (visit FAQ Page) Applicants can begin applying without legalization or Apostille but will not receive admission until this part of the application is complete. Academic documents submitted for the purpose of education have to entitle the holder to undertake any Bachelor degree programme in the country where the documents were issued.
  1. Confirmation that the applicant has a fluent command of English language (you can find more specific information in the language requirements tab).
  2. A copy of a passport Bio page (Clear  image with passport details merge with academic documents & upload in the recruitment system),
  3. Confirmation of registration fee payment.
  4. Scanned and signed personal profile document generated by the Online Application System (link will be updated soon).
  5. Medical certificate attesting that there are no hindrances for the candidate to start education at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology and Faculty of Chemistry ONLY.
  6. Health insurance policy.
  7. One current ID card-style 35×45 mm (Passport photo upload in photo section)


Education documents have to be translated into Polish by a sworn translator entered into the list of sworn translators kept by the Polish Ministry of Justice (for documents, certificates, diplomas obtained abroad only).
Database of sworn translators maintained by the Polish Ministry of Justice:https://arch-bip.ms.gov.pl/pl/rejestry-i-ewidencje/tlumacze-przysiegli/lista-tlumaczy-przysieglych/search.html

NB: Dear Student upon arrival to UMCS, you are obligated to visit Admissions Office and present the original application documents such as the original certificates, legalized copies, passport-size photo and officially translated copies to finalize registration. We are open Mon-Friday 9am-2pm.