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Start your career in academia and research at Maria Curie Sklodowska University the biggest Public University in Eastern Poland.  The University offers PhD studies through a Doctoral School system format; the candidates are provided with an enabling environment combined with intensive supervision and mentoring.


Today’s challenges cannot be tackled from one standpoint.  At UMCS we pride ourselves in having a rich academic history spanning over 75 years. Our function as a higher institution of learning has deep roots in history and culture, and is not centred only at the precipices of contributing to cultural formation but also opinion formation.  Through this history, UMCS has continued to make significant contribution to building a knowledge based economy, an atmosphere of trust and respect characterized by a rich diversity of people and ideas.  

Our Alta meter family has over 241,000 graduates, and still going growing and the University is the largest public institution east of the Vistula River. UMCS values students, Faculty and staff from different backgrounds and this has compelled the Doctoral Schools to pursue academic excellence in teaching, learning, and research to serve the local, national, and international communities.

PhD candidates seeking to pursue PhD studies at UMCS have an opportunity to study in a well structured Doctoral Schools program.  Based on the Act of 20th July 2018. Law on Tertiary Education and Science, UMCS decided to establish three Doctoral Schools  on 24th April, 2019: Doctoral School of Humanities, Doctoral School of Social Sciences, and Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences.

The University offers PhD students not only a rich history but also rigorous academic training, close supervision and institutional support in preparation for careers in the academic and non-academic careers.

Doctoral School of Humanities

Doctoral School of Social Sciences

Doctoral School of Quantitative and Natural Sciences.