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Fees – Masters


Application fee is 85 Zlotys (≈ 22 Euro)
Application fee for MA Graphic Arts is 150 Zlotys (≈ 33 Euro- This is due to processing fees for the applicants portfolio)

It is mandatory to pay the application fee in order for your admission to begin

Student ID cards are issued by the Faculty administration (in Polish: Dziekanat – the Dean’s office) where all student records are kept.
To register for a student ID card, log in to your profile in our admissions system and select “Order a student ID card” from the Catalogue tab. Remember to upload a current ID-style photograph into your account.
The administrative fee for a student ID card is 22 PLN. You can generate the payment form in the main page of your profile in our Online Application System (“My payments”).
At the beginning of the academic year, you can collect your card at the Dean’s office of your Faculty.
The student ID card entitles students (up to the age of 26) discounts on fares in public transport and should be shown on request at inspections.

Academic Year 2022/2023

Study Programme

1st year

2nd year

MSc Chemistry,
Specialization Materials Chemistry

2200 Euro

2000 Euro

MA Graphic Arts

3200 Euro

3000 Euro

MA International Relations

1750 Euro

1750 Euro

MA Intercultural Communication in Education and the Workplace

1750 Euro

1550 Euro

Msc Molecular Biology

4000 Euro

4000 Euro

MA Data Science

2200 Euro

2000 Euro

MA IT Cyber Security

3420 €

3420 Euro

*Tuition Fees stated above are on yearly basis and have been updated  for the academic year 2022/2023