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Athletics and Recreation

The Centre for Physical Culture UMCS, (in Polish Centrum Kultury Fizycznej UMCS) was formed as an interdepartmental organizational unit in 1951. The Units main tasks and aim was to provide physical education classes and training classes to students of all departments of the University.

The center offers members of the UMCS community an extraordinary experience to live active and meaningful lives while on campus as well as a rich history of training champions in a variety of sports categories. In addition, the center is well furnished with indoor and outdoor facilities and run by a team of certified professionals in different sports categories.

The Centre  for Physical Culture UMCS, is run by a team of professionals with great experience. The centres staff have the ability to create an environment where you will come to relax, and work hard at meeting your physical fitness goals without being judged. To view our team click on the Staff members tab below!

The Centre  for Physical Culture UMCS, offers a variety of sports disciplines that will meet your interest. To view our line of services offered. Click on the categories tab to view sports disciplines  

Centre for Physical Culture UMCS
ul. Langiewicza 22
20-032 Lublin

Reception-  81 533 20 58

Secretary’s Office – 81 533 71 99

E-mail –  ckf@umcs.pl