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Housing and Dining



UMCS accommodation halls are designed to provide our students with a sense of belonging and community. This feeling will stay with you as a student and long after you have left.

Our dormitories are safe spaces for our students to challenge themselves and also to create lifelong friendships.

The types of accommodation vary across the University campus, details of each dormitory can be accessed by following the Housing tab below

If you ever wondered where can you go for a lunch, dinner or to simply eat a hot meal in-between the classes then newly open cafeteria- Trojka is the place for you

Student Cafeteria “Trójka” offers a wide variety of meals From soups and creams to old-school Polish porkchop with mashed potatoes or classic and tasty dumplings. The menu is diverse and ranges from; Italian Lasagne, Spaghetti and Mexican Tortilla – At Trojka everyone can find a treat for themselves.