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Regulations of the Online Recruitment System

  1. Online Recruitment System available under the link rekrutacja.umcs.pl belongs to Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5, 20-031 Lublin, tax number: 712-010-36-92, REGON number: 000001353.
  2. The applicant creates an account in the Online Recruitment System (hereinafter referred to as the system or ORS) only once, regardless of the number of programmes he or she intends to register for.
  3. By creating an account, the applicant consents to the delivery of the electronic forms of letters and decisions through the system, including those referred to in Article 39 § 1 point 3 of the Code of Administrative Procedure.
  4. After creating an account, the applicant may repeatedly log in using the username (email address provided during registration) and the created password.
  5. The University shall not be liable for the applicant sharing the username and password with a third party and gaining access to the account by a person other than the applicant (unauthorised person). Any change to the data in the individual account made by an unauthorised person is considered as a change made by or on behalf of the applicant.
  6. In order to create the account correctly, it is necessary to enter all the required data and fill in all the required fields. Registration for particular courses may require providing additional data (information).
  7. Failure to provide all the required information disenables the applicant to participate in the recruitment process. Incorrect provision of the required information, for which the candidate is responsible, maybe the reason for improper qualification or refusal of admission.
  8. The University is not responsible for the applicant’s failure to provide or misrepresentation of the required information (data). Correction of data obtained from the National Baccalaureate Register (KReM) is possible only in case of their change is confirmed in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  9. Correction of the incorrectly provided information on the applicant’s individual account, for the editing of which the applicant is responsible, is possible until the registration deadline for the selected field of study. In the case of registration for more than one field of study, correction is possible provided that it does not affect the changes in the qualifications for the fields of study that are not subject to the correction.
  10. After creating an account, the applicant chooses the cycle, mode and field of study for which he or she applies. After completing all required registration steps, the applicant is given “registered” status. Subsequently, the candidate is required to pay the recruitment fee via the online payment system.
  11. Filling in (entering) by the applicant all the required data (information) as well as making and booking the registration fee payment is a condition for participation in the recruitment process for the selected field of study.
  12. The amount of the registration fee depends on the particular field of study and the recruitment procedure of the programme the applicant registered for.
  13. The registration fee for fields of study in which no entrance exams are conducted is PLN 85. In the case of fields of study where an entrance exam or an interview is conducted, the recruitment fee is PLN 100. In the case of artistic fields of study, the recruitment fee is PLN 150.
  14. The examination or interview conducted by admission committees, aimed only at checking the knowledge of the Polish/English language, does not require paying an additional fee and takes place as part of the qualification procedure for the selected field of study.
  15. A candidate registering for multiple fields of study pays separate fees for each of them. The total amount of the registration fee is the sum of the fees that the candidate is obliged to pay due to the registration for the selected fields of study.
  16. The registration fee should be made by the applicant only through the electronic payment system available in the system before the registration deadline for the chosen field of study. Failure to pay the fee and failure to register for a particular field of study prevent the applicant from participating in the recruitment process for the chosen field of study.
  17. The applicants make the payment in Polish currency (PLN). In case of payment in a different currency, it will be automatically exchanged into the Polish currency by the automatic online payment system.
  18. After the payment has been made and credited to the applicant’s personal recruitment account, the payment confirmation will appear. After paying the registration fee, the applicant is given “registration complete” status.
  19. The applicant who does not have the status of “registration complete” for the chosen field of study will not be considered in the qualification.
  20. The applicant is obliged to check whether the registration fee payment has been made correctly and prioritise the allocation of the registration fee to the chosen field(s) of study. If the amount of the fee is smaller than the number of the chosen fields of study, the registration fee will be automatically assigned to the fields of study in the order in which they were added, unless the applicant indicates that the fee should be assigned in a different way. The fee may be assigned to another field of study at the applicant’s request until the end of the registration deadline.
  21. Deregistration from the fields of study where admission is based on the ranking of applicants is possible until the deadline for registration specified in the recruitment calendar. In the case of the fields of study where admission is on the basis of a set of submitted documents, deregistration is possible until the applicant is given “admitted” status or completes the registration for this field.
  22. Registration fees paid by the applicant are non-refundable, except for the failure to start the course due to an insufficient number of applicants or an overpayment on the applicant’s account, including registration for a smaller number of fields of study than indicated by the amount of the payment made.
  23. In case of an overpayment of the registration fee, it may be offset against the registration fee for the field of study the applicant registered for after making the payment.
  24. The registration fee shall be refunded only upon the applicant’s request submitted no later than on the 15thOctober 2023 in case of the registration for the winter semester, and no later than on the 30th April 2023 in case of the registration for the summer semester.
  25. The decision on the registration fee refund is made by the Rector’s Proxy for Recruitment after the recruitment process has been completed. It is made on the basis of a written request signed by the applicant, sent by post to the address of the Admissions Office or on the basis of sending a message from the applicant’s personal account in the online system entitled “Registration fee refund”. In addition to the applicant’s ID number, the request must contain the bank account number indicated for the refund and the name of the account holder.
  26. Incorrectly completed or incomplete data in the request for the refund of the registration fee makes it impossible to refund the fee. Requests submitted after the deadlines specified in point 23 will not be processed. The result of the incorrect or unpunctual submission of the request is the expiry of the claim for a refund of the registration fee.
  27. If the applicant is not qualified for a chosen field of study in the basic qualification (first round of recruitment – first list of qualified applicants), he or she may take part in the supplementary qualification (subsequent rounds of recruitment). Participation in the subsequent stages of the supplementary qualification is based on the registration fee paid. Each change of the field of study during the recruitment procedure and participation in supplementary recruitment requires the payment of a separate registration fee.
  28. The applicant qualified for admission who fails to provide the required documents within the deadline indicated in the recruitment calendar shall be treated as a person who resigned from participation in the recruitment process.
  29. The applicant who resigned from recruitment is not taken into account in the supplementary qualification(s). In such case, the applicant shall also not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.
  30. For safety reasons, entering the wrong login data three times will result in the blocking of the applicant’s personal account. The applicant may recover the ORS account password (forgotten or lost) on his or her own using the “lost password recovery” option. In order to create a new password, the applicant must provide information required by the system.