Bachelor of Engineering in Technical Physics

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Bachelor of Engineering in Technical Physics


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Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
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Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

Full time studies

3.5 years / 7 semesters




Application Period: 1st  April – 30th September

Academic Year begins: October 1st, 2023

Academic year ends: 1st July

Tuition Fees 2023/24

Euro:  Year 1 –  3150 
              Year 2 – 3150 
              Year 3 – 3150 
              Year 4 – 3150
                         (only 1 semester)


The Bachelor of Engineering in  Technical Physics  program at UMCS offers three specialities  Medical Physics, Computational Physics  and  Modern materials and measurement techniques  – all of them are closely related to the development of modern technologies and the education of highly qualified personnel for the medical, IT, analytical and materials sectors. Students will attend both to basic courses in physics as well as to specialized lectures dedicated to obtaining practical skills in a chosen speciality. Furthermore, large part of the course is devoted to practical training in well-equipped laboratories and for professional practice classes. This guarantees good quality of competences obtained by Students and good preparation for professional career.

Medical Physics

The speciality is dedicated to Students seeking practical knowledge of applied physics for medical practice. The Student will learn about the physical basics of medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, learn about devices used in diagnostics (eg. ultrasound, tomography, resonance) and medical therapy (eg x-ray and nuclear devices) and the principles of their safe use. Among the subjects undertaken for the work of a medical physicist, there are also the basics of human anatomy and physiology, optics and its application in optometry. The Student acquires practical knowledge in specialist laboratories and clinical laboratories in the hospital, working with medical diagnostic equipment.

Computational Physics

The specialization is dedicated to Students interested in the use of computer science in solving physical problems. The offered courses include, among others algorithms in computational physics, numerical methods and modelling of physical processes and, quantum computing. Moreover, many of the courses are carried out in the form of practical classes, such as; microcontrollers and their application, interfaces and adjustment of control and measurement systems, engineering application programs, modelling and simulations of technical systems, methods of data processing and visualization. This specialization educates engineers with computer skills and specific application knowledge, very desirable in the IT, financial and insurance companies, analytical and technology industries.

Modern materials and measurement techniques

This speciality is for those who are interested in the technological processes of creating new materials and laboratory work. Students will encounter modern materials and measuring techniques, high vacuum technology, nanophotonics, bio-nanotechnology, etc. The Student will learn the basics of practical mechanical processing of materials. Also, students will have access to specialist student’s laboratories: solid state physics, nuclear physics, biophysics as well as the scientific laboratories.

In addition, students may join scientific research groups in the Institute of Physics and also international exchange programs (like Erasmus). The University library offers access to necessary literature in English.

Institute of Physics is a well-recognized research centre with numerous international scientific collaborations and vast experience in teaching both at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.  

The programme of  Technical Physics  lasts for 7 semesters (3.5 years). At the end, the Students will obtain engineer diploma as proof of the qualification necessary for working as medical physicist, specialist IT engineer or engineer of modern materials. The diploma also allows to continue studies for master diploma.

The program is open to all applicants, both national and international students.